H O M E G A L L E R Y A R T I S T S   B I O L I N K S

Grelling’s paradox (also known as Heterological Paradox)

A semantic  paradox (or  the  study  of  meaning  with a twist of the ambiguous),  is  the  subject  of this exhibition by photographers Cristina Cocullo and Emanuela Franchini. Grelling’s Paradox, a study in semantics of autological or heterological adjectives akin to mathematical sets, courts the opinion that meanings can alter depending on how one views the language being used.

In this instance the photographers use images to break the boundaries of meaning by juxtaposing images from both artists into a series of diptyches with an aim of representing Grelling’s Paradox in a visual form.

The unlikely union of the two artists’ very different photographic style forms a series of new image and unleashes new meaning for viewers to discover.  In their own words they say:

"We decided on the concept of the exhibition early on as we both believe that photography is the best conduit for conveying meaning.  These double images sit together without explanation as we want to let people come to their own conclusions about what label belongs to each image.  After all, while all the photos are heterological images, a closer look might break through boundaries to reveal their autological meanings".

The artists were quick to draw comparisons with human reasoning of ‘things aren’t always as they seem.’  An outward representation is sometimes not indicative of any true meaning – the ego and Id within us all have very different understanding of any given situation.


heterological boundaries, images by cristina cocullo and emanuela franchini

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